Free Skin Contest series nr 15

TITLE: Honest League of Legends Champions - Contest #Hello Eu Boards This contest idea came from a youtube series called "Honest trailers". **"What is Honest trailers?"** , you may ask. A Youtube channel "Screen Junkies" has been making "Honest film & TV trailers" for a long time now, where they say sarcastic and hilarious truth about our favorite movie and TV shows, here's about League of legends: To partisipant in this contest, you will have to say sarcastic and/or hilarious truth about our champions and their skills. --- --- #For a successfull entry, you must do the following: * You **must** add your chosen champion icon to your comment (Click "Incert Champion Icon" button to do so). * You **can** change the champion name. (if you change the name, please explain) * You **have** to rename every skill (Q, W, E, R) on your chosen champion. (explain please) * You **have** to say sarcastic and/or hilarious truth about the champion. (No longer than one A4 paper size) --- --- #Rules: * Write your entries to the comments bellow. * You can only choose one champion per account. * **If you use negative words, please use markings like this: "shit" Don't use too many negative words like that.** #Chosen top winners will be rewarded! - 750-1520RP --- #Contest ends: 17.09.2017 YOU READ CORRECTLY, THIS IS A LONG CONTEST!
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