Team fight tactics suffers from major issues (update)

Problems in short: * The fact you're facing simultaneously 7 other people makes this game very frustrating mess to keep track of things happening in game. 3 others might be doable but 7 no way. * Winning grants you 1 gold but losing doesn't give you anything. Wasn't so bad if it was at least possible to kick in with the losing streak 1 loss earlier, it's already bad enough to lose like 10 hitpoints on round 5 against level 2 elise tank * No time to inspect enemies, especially end game, outside of watching own screen, because constant need to look for rerolls and builds and think of combinations, battles end quite fast, and you're supposed to keep up with 7 others? And there's simply no time to start counterpicking enemies in late game anyway so you might just randomly pick whatever units you manage to find and stick to them, because there's literally 0 reason to swap units since you probably win/lose based purely on how many level 3 units you manage to get. * (minor complaint) No possibility to take break, at least in League you can easily take 1 minute break in end game, but here you're constantly tuned into the screen from start to finish. And speaking of the start... * (minor complaint) Why does game start so fast? I mean in League of Legends you got potentially like 2 minutes to join into the game after everyone has loaded the game, in here game just starts and I've got like 10-15% of games where I switch back to the screen while doing something I'm missing the first round * Also why does first 2 rounds have to be so damn boring? Just start the game off with 5 gold and give everyone random item. Or better yet, have 2 roulette wheels in row for 2 items and 2 units.0 * It would be freaking great if there was some way to actually SEE what the odds of getting a certain units are... is this too hard to code to the game? Like lets say I'm considering picking Garen but already 3 enemies have bought it, I might want to know that without swapping every 7 enemies every single round. * If you get couple level 2 units before turn 5 you're like 90% likely to win the game or at least get 2nd spot, the early game is extremely reliant on luck and grants you like 66% chance to get to the 1-3 spots, on the same time.... * If by 10th turn you still haven't had a single level 2 unit, you're first to drop dead, even if you started rerolling after realizing your bad luck. * Games take too long for the value they give, very rarely you get entertaining win and most of the time it's just random luck if you get good outcome, I'd halve the health bars and start the game faster with more gold and units like I said before. * Not every game has to start like a freaking tutorial... Seriously was this game made for people with amnesia? Just make a separate tutorial and slow start mode for new people and let people with over 20 games play the first round more aggressively. * Crafting is very odd.... most of the items with Armor or Magic Resist are quite useless, unless you plan building some insane tank, but most of the time doesn't matter because Assassins and long range and aoe spells. Most of the issues could be fixed by: * Reducing player count to 4 * Reducing max health to 50 * Reducing the power gap between unit levels 1 to 3 by making level 1 and level 2 difference 50% and last step 25%, also increase the odds of getting high tier units * Increase normal gold gain to 5 from very start of the game * Make UI better inform you about the odds and who is getting what * Grant extra gold only when combining units, even if you would sell them later. This would make it harder to stack on minions to upgrade and gaining extra gold at the same time. * I generally like what the items do and I don't think they're too strong. I actually wish the combat was more active like you could use summoner on a single unit to either avoid damage or give damage.
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