[Fanfiction Contest] VS Event 2018: The God-King story is waiting to be written!

Be heartily and honorably greeted adventurers, Summoners and storytellers!

Our thrilling VS Event for this year has arrived. To make it even more exciting we created a contest. Are you ready?



Complete silence, but there was unease. Struck with almost unbearable pain Garen, the demacian warrior, stood in the middle of the Noxian camp fighting the guilt welling up within his strong heart. It wasn’t the sun dazzling him. It was the golden, blood covered pin furnished with the Demacian eagle. Hesitating, with a cold-stone look Garen kneeled down slowly to the enormous and messy pool of blood.

For him, it was indeed tough to face and particularly accept the fact, that Jarvan now watches in internal peace over Demacia. Calmly closing his hand convulsively around the grisly pin, while his soldiers were speechless grieving gathered around closely at the murder scene. Even he was fighting the oppressive guilt, the Demacian Warrior slowly reared up in his mighty armor, pinning his sword into the dry ground and spoke with a reticent but strong voice: “A Demacian will never stand alone.”



Aggression, discipline, relentlessness - That’s how the warrior Darius earned tremendous respect in Noxus. With a sinister and strict stare, his mighty and terrifying Battleaxe firm in hand, he glanced out of the stone round arch window. A self-confident grin flickered across his scarred face. He had drastic changes in mind for Noxus’ future, pridefully dead set upon them being successful.

He looked over his shoulder as he heard a faint, hoarse laugh. Full of enthusiasm, Draven swung his axes, threw a questioning glance at Darius. “It’s time, isn’t it, brother?” A short, ominous silence followed that question, Darius just gazed into the Distance. He turned around slowly and looked sternly into his brothers crazy eyes, while he stroke the ragged blade of his mighty axe with his bare hand - “It is time already,....brother.”

Now it’s your turn to continue one of those introductions. Will it be a world with one ruler or a world without? It’s your decision!

Conditions of participation and F.A.Q.

Who can participate?


Even Rioters, our Volunteers and the Player Support themselves can participate.

Though the submissions from Rioters and the Player Support will be excluded from the winner selection.

How much time do I have to submit my story?

You can submit your story till the 11th July 2018 22:59 MESZ if you want to be in the included in the selection pool. If you missed the contest, but you love writing stories, feel free to share it anyways with us in the comments. We would love to read it!

How many words can I use?

Minimum: 400 words
approximately: 1000 words

Introduction is not included!

What can I include in my story?

You have TWO options, but you may only choose ONE .

Continue the introduction from above...


Write a free story, which must refer to the Demacia lore, which tells us how Garen fought for the title “God-King”.

Demacia Lore

Garen’s background story



Write a free story, which must refer to the Noxus lore, which tells us how Darius snatched the the title “God-King”.

Noxus Lore

Darius’ background story

Where can I submit my story?

Please share it in the comments below, so everyone can be part of your godlike stories!

How will we choose the best storytellers?

Some colleagues of mine from the Player Support and me will choose the four best stories of all participants, two winners per fraction.

Every Winner will receive one legendary God-King Skin, depending which faction has been chosen for the story.

Demacia’s Forces: For each winner one God-King Garen

Noxian Hordes: For each winner one God-King Darius

Check out our News Website to find all information about this year’s VS Event.

Before you dive into creating an awesome story I wanna reach out to some very important people to say thank you for the great teamwork!


Moorehawk (German Senior Emissary)

Not the first time this awesome and hardworking fella and friend of mine helped us out to create professional and great boards discussion. Thanks for your dedicated assistance and that we can always rely on you. Keep your good work up! You are freaking awesome!

F3l1x12200 (German Adjudicator)

Thank you very much, that you made achieved to implement the music into the thread. It makes it even more epic to read the story now for our Summoners. Stay awesome and keep your good and dedicated work up as a Volunteer!



Big cheers and a great thank you going out to our Summoner and the loremaster PENTAPIXEL5. Again he proved himself with his astonishing knowledge of the League of Legends universe. His creativity doesn’t take an end yet, he also shows a lot of talent in his graphics and drawings. Thanks for the teamwork and dedicated help. It was really fun forging the introductions for the contest together. Keep up your creative head and passion for your work!


Mownyan Arts

The more than talented Mownyan crafted for us the amzing and mighty flags for the background.In just a short time she proved her skills and creativity and created the amazing artwork. Thank you very much!

Check out her social media to check out her work, I am sure she would be pretty happy if you stop by and take a look:


Music: Uproar von Might of Demacia

We are giving a thankful applause to our Summoner 50Shades0fSpray who created an epic track for the contest to make the flair even more epic. Don’t give up your dreams and never stop fighting! I believe in you and your talent, Summoner!

He is a very talented guy and already created some projects. I am pretty sure he would appreciate your visit at his Soundcloud profile or Youtube channel. Maybe you can also leave some feedback there!


We are looking forward to numerous participants and even more to your epic stories. Ready, set...HAPPY CRAFTING!

Adventurous and exciting greetings,