New Champion concept?

Hello Summoners! Since Riot Lettuce make posts on the boards, i though i'd share my champion idea! I actually Canna believe RIOT hasn't thought of this before, so here's my concept that i have Bean thinking of: It is a vegetable champion. Yes. a vegetable champion. In my Oponion that could fit in the Lore very nicely. I don't know a name yet, but i don't Carrot all about names Let's talk about skills: Q For the q there Must-ard be an Olive enemy champion nearby. It is great for Poke. The champion Spinachs in a circle for 0.5 sec, Squashing enemies to the ground dealing damage. W: Artichokes an enemy minion or champion or monster, holding both himself and the enemy in place Lentil he stops the ability or for 2 seconds. This is an awesome engage tool, as you can Pickle your enemy carry out. E: Guar an ally with extra vitamins or something in a square AoE. YOU....SHALLOT....KILL MY TEAM (srry for Capsicum)! allies in the Corn-ers of this are also healed. There is not Mush-room in it so getting all 4 of your allies in can be quite tricky. R: Radishates energy gained from the sun. Enemies will get blinded, seeing a Salsified version of the vegetable champion. Idk what is does besides this yet. He is Parsley a support, the other part a top laner which the jungler could gank very easily and Beet the sh*t out of your opponent. I thought about this champion eating others like tahm but that qould be a Missed-steak because he is abviously vegetarian. It is a Grape champion idea, maybe the skills are a bit Carbage though. Me personaly i'm not a Fennel of his E. It's a bit Dill. How it is right now it is not a Cherry fun champion. You have to Celery your starting items fairly quickly to get new items, or they will get rotten. Possible quotes: Who wants a Peas of the champ? I will Kale dinner time! Yacón! My first reaction when i came up with this idea was: "Ah,nise!" [Here's a Leek:]( What do you think? Is it good or is it Raddicchiolous? Have a great Thyme on the rift!
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