Free Skin Contest nr 23

Winners of this contest are: **Mystery chest**: Eune: Moritus Sorrowel **Mystery gift** Euw: MrEkoBoss, Elphege, BrazilianTrollRX Eune: Declined, Mywifeisdead Winners please add and accept my friend requests Eune: SeekerK Euw: FSC SeekerK #Rewards are delayed as im busy finisshing college Next contest starts sometime in April (maybe this weekend, maybe later) #This contest is now over. Hello Summoners Another month has passed and its time for another 4-6 people to win a mystery gift from where you are able to get one skin from 520-3250 RP. A FUTURE UPDATE: FREE SKIN CONTEST SERIES NR 25 WILL BE HELD BOTH IN NA AND EU/EUNE BOARDS. **Contest Task:** * Write me 3 champion that you think would need a buff. * And add a reason per champion. (Why that champion) **Contest Rules:** * Everything in the **Contest Task** area has to be followed. * All entries are equal as long as Contest Rules have been followed. * Winners will be generated with: **Rewards:** * 1 winner gets a Mystery chest * 5 winners get a Mystery gift. * In time i will add more winner spots, depending on how many participants we will have. EDIT: ~~4 winners removed~~, 5 winners added to mystery gift. #**Contest Ends: 31.03.2016, 6 am GMT +2** **Contest series base rules:** * All Riot rules must be followed * Any negative behavior in the threads comments is not tolerated. If any found, that player gets banned from the contest. If such behavior is seen in multiple contest threads, then the player will be banned from the contest series. * I'm not rating any comments made, as every entry is equal to me till the contest ends. * Each contest will have their own extra rules, that must be followed for a successful entry. OH AND IF U LIKE THE CONTEST AND THE SERIES, UPVOTE. About me: [Twitter](
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