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Hello guys, welcome to our Toxiciholic Club. Here you can try to remember how and when did you become a TOXIC person, why did this happen and what are the reasons of you being TOXIC. We can share our stories and ANALyze why we been toxic at that moment and why are still toxic. So let's begin from me. I remember how around 2009 or it was 2010 already my classmates told me about COOL GAME from RITO GAMES, they said it will be fun come on download it and let's play togheter. I said well ok let's see what kind of game it is. So everything started when i first time joined LEAGUE OF TOXIC LEGENDS, where all kind of MYTHIC creatures LIVE, like TROLLS,INTERS and IMAGINARY PLAYERS (afk). As long as i was playing with my m8s everything was fine - we had fun. But later on when i got my 30lvl (max level at that time) everything got rolling down the hill. All the MYTHIC creatures started showing up in my games i was ignoring them as much as i could, but sadly i'm not CYBORG and not a MACHINE and i can't ignore everything for ever. So how do people become toxic? They download a odd game called League of Legends it's like a disease it's spreading out VIRUS T-oxic and you become one of them sooner or later. I played alot of games and there was none that would make me so TOXIC even World of Warcraft was pretty much chill even tough there was PVP elements and Perfect World also was chill no1 didn't flame any1 just had fun. Imagine launching a company with an idea "I'll make a game, and there won't be any toxic people. Everyone will be nice and polite" No bro that's not how it works, if you wanted to make a non-toxic game you should tought like this "I want everyone to be toxic, they should flame each other - death wish to each other. It will be fun." Reverse psychology always works better. Cheers lads, ty for reading. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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