Looking for new members on our DISCORD SERVER!

Discord server (ENG) Atomic Hey Hey, now it is so that I (Mystic) and my friend iCarpe together done an Discord server for all who want to socialize with others around the whole of world, while we play, talk, chatting and gamble together to have fun. And to create a community for all to enjoy. We want a community where everyone is friendly and respectful of each other. We, we have an age limit of +14. Why? We would prefer that everyone who joins the server should be mature as possible, but if you feel you are mature enough then just to ask us! We do not only play League, were are an open gaming community We are currently about 20 people on the server but looking for more people who are interested! Our main is on the West but if you play on East it works just as well! If you are interested or have questions for us please contact: Mystic or iCarpe (West)
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