[Poll] Unjustified skin costs? - old VS new - (Royal service for a royal couple?)

Hello! (edit, it's supposed to be RP, not IP, and I work on adjusting that but might miss one or two) I am going to talk about what I think is unjustified for the KIng and Queen skin for Tryndamere and Ashe. Now, I really like the basic designs for these skins, though there has been alot or reworks and overhauls in League of Legends since the King and Queen skins were released (late 2010). However in order for me to explain why I consider them being rather unfairly treated (aside from being a royal couple), I've put out some overviews and comparisons as to why I think this way. I will run over a few looks of the skins that are available (or have been) for Trynda and Ashe. **Let's look at Tryndameres{{champion:23}} current selections of skins:** *Highland Tryndamere (Legacy skin) - 520 RP *King Tryndamere - 520 RP *Viking Tryndamere (legacy skin) - 750 RP *NIghtmare Tryndamere - 750 RP *Beast Hunter Tryndamere - 750 RP *Sultan Tryndamere - 975 RP *Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere (legacy skin) - 975 RP *Demonblade Tryndamere - 1820 RP As a total, Tryndamere with all collected skins are eight, whereas three are legacy skins. Collecting all these would cost 7060 RP, and 4815 RP without the legacy ones. **Alright, let's do the same thing with Ashe{{champion:22}} . ** * Freljord Ashe (legacy skin) - 520 RP *Sherwood Forest Ashe - 520 RP *Woad Ashe - 520 RP *Marauder Ashe - 750 RP *Queen Ashe - 975 RP *Amethyst Ashe - 975 RP *Heartseeker Ashe - 975 RP Ashe has a total of 7 skins, whereas only one is a legacy skin, and the total cost for all would be 5235 RP, and 4715 without Freljord Ashe. Now, some might question what all this is for, which is what I am coming to. For example, the chroma packs was implemented to certain champions and skins, example, {{champion:53}}{{champion:64}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:105}} (and more). And with that in mind, there is no necessity to, example have Freljord or Sherwood Forest Ashe anymore (although admittedly Forest ashe has a wooden bow, and the chroma packs are quite expensive.) This isn't necessarily the focus, but thought it would a decent idea to point it out. My point is to deliver and acknowledge the cost for the skins, evaluate their quality and provide a reasonable opinion if the MONEY is worth the product. (I don't know if these dates are true, but I use it through a source that is hopefully legit) So far i've looked specifikly at Demonblade Tryndamere, a skin released in August 2011, which means it is closing in on being five years old. King Tryndamere and Queen Ashe were released together a year earlier , 2010-9-21, which makes them 6 years old, later this year. Albeit so, I still can't help but notice some details about the Royal Couple of Freljord. (Keep in mind, this is what I am after, so I know it might be rather unjust for alot of other champions that won't be mentioned, but it can provide a bit of example, feel free to help fill out with info and opinions about which ones you might find unfairly treated.) {{champion:127}}{{champion:113}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:106}} Lissandra {{champion:127}} . the rival of Ashe and Sejuani, has THREE alternate skins plus the original one, meaning FOUR unique recall animations for one champion, plus/minus new voice hauls. * Bloodstone Lissandra - 975 RP * Blade Queen Lissandra - 1350 RP * AND NOW Program Lissandra - 1350 RP Whereas alot of the OTHER champions of the Freljord region, only have one or two unique recall animations (example of whom in the thumbnails above, and this is not unique for just these champs, they are just examples), and are not getting quite as much love or attention like example Lissandra. Also In this, but more on the other side of the spectrum, is that there are some skins, outrun by newer ones, that probably is not worth the cost they originaly did. And one particularly on my mind is the Demonblade Tryndamere skin, that I dont think should be worth the original cost of 1850 IP, due to being rather outclassed by newer ones as it was released 2011, (I think similarly with some other 'Legendary' classed skins, example corporate Mundo). Currently Demonblade Trynd would probably cost a decent 1350, matching alot of other champions that have unique skins, new voice and different animations and effects. Here is a link for Demonblade Tryndamere's animations and effects. Skin was released 2011-8-01 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xjRO7AXuBg Now here is Rumble with his Super Galaxy Rumble skin that was released 2014-04-03 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyma4edqiSo Ashe's 975 cost queen skin, could as well be worth 750, due to it just being a redesign with no extra effects or change of animation, but with Tryndamere's Warring Kingdoms skin, actually had a unique recall animation, whereas the Sultan Tryndamere of the same cost, did not. (Of course Riot get to decide when to put a price on what whenever, but there are new times now). Ashe's heartseeker skin where she has her recall animation, appears more royal and proud (and of course seductive), than her original standing around, having the same cost as Queen Ashe of 975 IP. As of currently, the king and queen of freljord are being outmatched by the Ice Witch Lissandra. I feel they are being unjustified as a royal couple of Freljord, at least as what I think they deserve, which is to be inspiring. Does not a king and queen deserve to be treated as the royalty that they are? I like the skins, but they feel weak, uninspiring, and faded. League of Legends have many characters and personalities that help me puzzle myself into a person I want to be. Ashe is one of them, one of my absolute favorites, guiding towards a future for peace. I hope these two skins (particularly) can get a look they deserve, with animations that make you feel awesome and empowered. A queen that can be as beautiful as she is deadly in combat, unhindered by her royal garbs, alongside her king that would cleave a path for her victories. Because currently, Woad King Darius{{champion:122}} and Lissandra{{champion:127}} feel more like the rulers of Freljord than Tryndamere{{champion:23}} and Ashe{{champion:22}} ever was. Many men want to feel like a king. And many women want to feel like a queen. Thanks for reading. Do share your own opinions on skins/champions that you find unfairly justified.
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