Dear Summoner!

So Dear summoner u think Bronze is Fun ? U think u can climb out of silver fast? U have hopes to reach Gold as your set Goal? U think u have good enough skills to do THAT? U picked 3 main champs u gonna play? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Hello to Silver ELO dear Summoner! Here dies all hopes and dreams! U ask why ? I say LOOK AT THOSE mechanics of Teemo! So op,So powerful,So fun....Till u realize u ain't getting this win. Oh your jungle asked for help? LETS USE OUR VOCABULARY IN MOST FUN WAY! U got ganked? No problem,Your team will help u whit some extra "?" pings over your BODY! Opponent have good skills and outplayed u in 1v1? No problem,Jungler uses chat - ( I'M NOT GANKING FEEDERS LINE ) - ITS SUPPER EFFECTIVE! Bot line got ganked and gives FB and Double? No worries MATE! i can assure u there gonna be 1 guy in team screaming FF@15! Oh u have AFK in team and u cant remake? Well then...ENEMIES GONNA SHOW U HOW GOOD THEY ARE! ( GG EZ! in 4 v 5 ) Look your jungler missed smite on Baron/Drake? Pings are so loud that i can't hear my Gnar talking.... And i wont even start talking about Those Special Snow Flakes... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But don't be afraid dear summoner! Those games happens. So treat them as a Happy Accidents! And u will get team of your dreams... Or Dream Team. ( Remember that nightmare u had and u still feel creeps ? ) But some day u will be freed from this nightmare. But not this Day/Month/Year.... So Leave your tilt/rage and other bullshit in your head far away from ranked's mate! And focus for better game play! Better Team MATES! Better U! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:30}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:35}} {{summoner:36}} {{summoner:30}}

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