Fizz be trolling...with fish puns

{{champion:105}} - good luck have fin {{champion:99}} - fizz gank bot {{champion:105}} - be there in a splash {{champion:99}} - ty {{champion:105}} - your whelkome {{champion:105}} - i'll bait them {{champion:105}} - you tackle the turret {{champion:105}} - im going back to bass {{champion:99}} - lol this fizz {{champion:99}} - SO MANY PUNS {{champion:105}} - whale you know {{champion:105}} - just for the halibut :) {{champion:103}} - gank mid {{champion:105}} - i'm a little tide down at the moment {{champion:105}} - that cod dam bass turd {{champion:105}} - i'm gonna krill him {{champion:105}} - where's rengar {{champion:105}} - let minnow if you sea him {{champion:105}} - haha {{champion:105}} - [ALL] don't be so koi {{champion:105}} - [ALL] you can tide from me {{champion:105}} - [ALL] get sunk {{champion:105}} - oh my cod {{champion:105}} - carp {{champion:105}} - dont worry {{champion:105}} - it was just a fluke {{champion:105}} - everythings going swimmingly {{champion:105}} - you have got to be squidding me {{champion:105}} - garen {{champion:105}} - garen water you doing {{champion:105}} - get up here for cods hake {{champion:105}} - join the grouper {{champion:11}} - fizz {{champion:11}} - stop it {{champion:105}} - sorry i cant kelp myshellf {{champion:105}} - the opportunaty is too good {{champion:99}} - lol {{champion:105}} - nah im just trolling {{champion:105}} - trolling is actually a fish pun btw {{champion:11}} - omg {{champion:11}} - [ALL] report fizz {{champion:122}} - _[ALL] why?_ {{champion:11}} - [ALL] fish puns {{champion:43}} - _[ALL] lol what_ {{champion:105}} - [ALL] clam down yi {{champion:105}} - [ALL] anchor gives motivation without {{champion:105}} - [ALL] porpoise {{champion:11}} - [ALL] AAAAAAAARGGH

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