❄️❄️[volu] Definitely not Snowdown - 2019❄️❄️

Greetings summoner!

It is winter, that means it is time for Snowdown! Or well... Definitely not Snowdown this year! We've definitely not created a bunch of contests and events for you to join in celebration of definitely not Snowdown.
Get yourself some hot coco and start browsing, there's plenty to do!

Definitely don't draw the skin you want!

You're reading it right. You definitely shouldn't be drawing the skin you want in this drawing contest! Or maybe you should, this all got confusing quite fast.
Take a quick look here! if you feel like drawing or definitely not drawing a skin!

Definitely don't gift a gift!

Definitely-not-Snowdown means definitely-no-gifts. If you're as definitely-not interested in giving people gifts this year as Santa Braum this is the perfect place to go! Anyone you know that should be on Santa Braum's nice list?
Tell Santa Braum here!

Definitely not a haiku!

For all us people that definitely don't draw and definitely don't have friends there's still hope! Along the celebrations we'll definitely not be writing haikus and you're invited to join us! Only 17 syllables needed - that's doable right?
Find out more about the contest here!.

Definitely not a stream!

Of course definitely not Snowdown celebrations wouldn't be complete without Hansiman! Join him for his definitely not a stream this Christmas, we heard he'll be bringing us into his kitchen again this year...
Find more about the stream here!.

What are you still doing here? Go and find out what definitely not Snowdown has braught to the boards this year!
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