The Star Guardian Giveaway (Reposted)

Apparently the other one got deleted. So here i will post it again, and don't worry. Every submission so far has BEEN SAVED! Seeing as we're getting five new fabulous Star Guardians skins i thought it'd be an awesome time for a giveaway/contest/get-skins-and-stuffs, so here we are! The prizes are as following! 1st: Any Star Guardian skin + 3 Mystery gifts 2nd: 3 mystery gifts 3rd: 1 mystery gift So what do you have to do, in order to win? It's simple (maybe?) All you gotta do is write a story/poem/something that involves any of the Star Guardians, feel free to make it about anything as long as they are involved! Get creative everyone! I'll pick my three favourites on Monday the 11th of September. Good luck everyone! - Lucky Chloe (Now with a new summoner name)
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