When you want to play sorceror but League has other plans

I go gunslinger,LOSE EVERY MATCH because they all went knight or Yordles. Ok,I also get no items apart from my early cross bow and rod = guinsoo.exe has been activated. Gives Guinsoo to TF now I atleast have pirates to invest in my late game. Finds no champ to combo my gunsliger whit. 20 HP at the 2nd carousel. I proceed to say %%%% it and remake my team whit all the spare gold I've build up. Now I have 4 sorc,dragon,elementalist,mostly lv 2 Note that at this point I still only have my guinsoo as item. Proceed to get 5 of these {{item:1011}} in 2 rounds. WTF.jpg AMUSMENT.jpg Build 2 warmog for Shiv still lost my 20 HP to the Yordle player. When life gives you 5 giantbelt just before you die. I'm out.jpg I'm not even mad,what even are the chances of this... if only I went shapeshifter as I originally wanted :(
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