Team fight tactics suffers from major issues

Problems in short: - The fact you're facing simultaneously 7 other people makes this game very frustrating mess to keep track of things happening in game. 3 others might be doable but 7 no way. - Rewards win streaks... but why? One guy being able to get lucky draft of combining units early gets extra gold to keep his advance when he already had less incentive to reroll and stuff. Makes little to no sense. - No time to inspect enemies, especially end game, outside of watching own screen, because constant need to look for rerolls and builds and think of combinations, battles end quite fast, and you're supposed to keep up with 7 others? - Inspecting enemies early game barely matters at all because most units reach level 2 anyway. - If you get couple level 2 units before turn 5 you're like 90% likely to win the game or at least get 2nd spot - If by 10th turn you still haven't had a single level 2 unit, you're first to drop dead, even if you started rerolling after realizing your bad luck. - Games take too long due to the large health bars. The games are also very time consuming and you can't have even a small 30 second break without heavy penalty to your chances of winning - The fact your average chance to win is 12.5%, even with good knowledge of the game you might reach maybe 15% winrate, doesn't really feel rewarding - Not enough space to upgrade. I had 3 units all waiting for 1 dude to show up in RNG slot machine and I finally got 1, took me 20 tries to get another, only to lose to enemy who probably counter picked and took those units from me or something... so what's the counter play when I'm already losing and I cannot %%%%ing restart the units from scratch when I put already all efforts into upgrading them and trying to reach level 3 - I very much dislike the whole idea you're supposed to grind in this mode. Aren't you supposed to play the main game instead?! - I don't have any clue what the current level is, what my current technology upgrade level is and I'm just generally confused about all the drop chances. - Also why can't I just go back into the own base after picking up item from the carousel? I mean if this was a tower defence game where you get against same enemy waves every turn that'd be one thing, but are you seriously expected to keep track of 7 people and their builds, inspecting what to build and what to counter? Then even with the perfect setup, you can reroll 500 million times to get lets say Evelynn at rank 3, but you get only 1 and nothing else. You lose because no luck. Nobody else was having her. I upgraded my level like 5 times so I clearly should have had her in range... and nothing. How is this game going to get ranked mode? Are we going to see "pro level" tournaments like Hearthstone next where outcome is determined by luck? Most of the issues could be fixed by: - Reducing player count to 4 - Reducing max health to 50 - Reducing the power gap between unit levels 1 to 3 - Increase normal gold gain to 7, allow gold stacking to give you 3 more - Remove bonus win streak and lose streak gold, grant extra when combining units But I generally like what the items do and I don't think they're too strong. I actually wish the combat was more active like you could use summoner on a single unit to either avoid damage or give damage And by the way... has ANYONE ever seen level 3 unit that's rank 5? Is that even possible? You'd need like level upgrade 100 times.
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