Possible ways of getting Free RP?

I'm a peasant. Admitting it here and now I'm not allowed to spend money with credit card cause parents do not see the purpose of me buying jinx and also my mobile network is Tesco mobile so I can't buy RP this way (Not to mention the EXTREMELY unfair pricing). Guys, I wonder if there is a legal way for me to get rp, like not 2-30 RP but a few hundred. I really want to get Jinx but at the same time, Vel'koz is a really entertaining champ to play and I absolutely wrecked with Mordekaiser when I played him a long time ago. Caitlyn also got me head over heels with her long ass range attacks. List of my dream champs to obtain (which won't happen anytime soon) {{champion:222}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:103}} Even getting one of these champs with RP will make my day (week, month).
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