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Welcome back!

Hopefully you had a wonderful time this holiday season, and with a little bit of luck, we might make it even better today! In this thread we will announce the winners of both the “definitely not a haiku” and the “definitely don’t draw the skin you want” contests, are you ready?

Before we start we’d first like to thank all of you for participating. You’ve made some really amazing artworks and deep or funny haikus, it was a blast to go through all the entries!

Definitely not a haiku!

Because of all your awesomeness we decided that, on top of the promised raffle, we should award some of the entries we considered the coolest, best(est) and/or awesommest haikus! From all of your works four haikus really stood out to us; here they are in no particular order:

Ozzie Storm
"Elo hell is real"
says everyone on the boards
can't help but agree
Your haiku is a (funny) jab at all the boards people. It’s a good thing you write you agree otherwise you’d probably ended up with a ton of downvotes instead of upvotes! ;)

He sat there transfixed
For she is quaint indeed, yet
Looks belie her scheme


You didn’t just write a deep and good haiku in English you also went the extra mile and made one in Japanese! Now don’t think we’ve not translated it (thanks Google) to find out what it was about, the Poroking!. You definitely impressed us.

i am a star lord.
but no good skin have i scored.
Aurelion sol.

Only a League of Legends player can turn complaints about the lack of good skins on a champion into a haiku! Let’s hope things change for Aurelion Sol one day ^^.

Jhin loves poetry
but he despises haikus
verses are just three.

Yet another smart and funny haiku! Using Jhins obsession with 4 for a haiku with only 3 lines and 17 syllables?! Where do you get these awesome ideas?

Raffle Winners!
With the top four we're not done yet, as the following ten players can all consider themselves (lucky) winners as well!

Dmitko - with their haiku about our mighty lord Teemo!
Eragon Sol - with their haiku about big brain Vicktor!
PureHawk - with their haiku of SG Rakan to SG Xayah!
Jaxtar - with their haiku about a lil crazed out poro!
catta - with their haiku on Sugar Rush Evelynn!
Power Mac - with their haiku warning you of the mighty (and scary) golem...
ChargeboltDenki - with their haiku about Nunu and Willump!
Dancing Truffle - with their odes to Jhin and Zoe!
Dunkmaster Zac - with their haiku about Snowman Haimerdinger!
Scylle - with their haiku about Gragas!


All of the winners will have to choose one of the following, please leave your choice as a comment on this thread:
  • Little Legends Series 1 Egg
  • Little Legends Series 2 Egg
  • Little Legends Series 3 Egg
  • Little Legends Series 4 Egg
  • Little Legends Series 5 Egg
  • Any available emote in the store with the exception of the "All Love" emote

Definitely don’t draw the skin you want!

As promised in the thread we would pick some of the best as well as raffle out some skins, and that’s exactly what we did! There are 3 artists that impressed us the most with their awesome frosty or sugary works; here they are:


Your Evelynn totally charmed us with her innocent looks and Ahri-charm! You’ve made some awesome sugary and (melted) chocolaty details - doesn’t she look edible? Really amazing work, so you’re more than deserving of your own Sugar Rush Evelynn skin!


You’ve made a very frosty Winter Wonder Soraka. It’s adorable how she makes it snow for the little pinguin and due to all the cold blue tones Soraka herself really pops! All in all a great work. We hope you’ll enjoy your Winter Wonder Soraka skin in-game!


Your traditionally made artwork of Sugar Rush Evelynn á la Catta was awesome! You definitely caught Evelynns… vibe… quite well! As a reward you’ll be entering the rift with your own Sugar Rush Evelynn skin - may her looks bring you many victories!

Raffle Winners!
On top of these 3 amazing works, here are five more awesome artists that won the raffle:

ChargeboltDenki - with their pencil drawing of Snow Day Gnar!
Pereirox - with their work of Santa Braum in action!
DerMangoJoghurt - with their Winter Wonder Neeko (behind a rock)!
Yoma Amaya - with their adorable Ragdoll Poppy!
foxxof120 - with their Snowman Master Yi and his carrot (yes it’ll be yours now)!


All of you winners (and godly artists) will receive the skins you’ve drawn! Time for you guys to go get that elo with these new skins!

Thanks again to all the people that participated in these contests and for all the awesomeness you’ve submitted!

Note that it can take a few weeks before rewards are distributed, please be patient! This thread will be updated once rewards have been sent out.
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