That feeling when

You go promotion series from gold to platinum. You win first match You win second match You go third match but you get 3 flamers in team. Then you realize, whatever, you have already 2 wins you need only one more win. You go another match, you got 1 troll, and 2 flamers and 1 guy pushes his lane and blames jungler all game And you lost so... you go outside to rest. And you sit again, okay, last match this match is deciding between lost series and won series. You are starting to win 40 minute match and you are close to victory, their nexus, your platinum. And then one teammate fails so hard in teamfight You lose teamfight and you must wait 50 seconds for ress and enemy team starts pushing like crazy and they starting to kill nexus turrets and you just feel like you are immobilized and forced to watch ISIS killing your family. And then they hit nexus, and you still not alive. You are like inside And in same time when you ress, its over. You lost promotion series. And you are like And you know what? I felt that like 5 times, so pls riot give me free win on promotion to platinum.
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