i want to join fnatic(application)

hello, my name is bogdan and i wanna becam the new mid laner for team fnatic cause i think im really good and fit for the mid lane and overal very good player. league of legends is my passion its what i always wanted to be a league of legend profesinel. im really good for mid lane cause i can do everything and more. my max cs is 58 in 10min which i think is really good bcuz most people i play with get liek 30-40 in 10min so yeah lol i also play weith 180 ping which is relly bad but it is good too cuz i get average kda of 2.11 which is relly good and means if i get good internet i can get average of 10 kd.(pls send me internet fnatic if apllcation success) furthermore i think im really good cuz most people look on sites like mobafire etc but i dont, i know what to build without looking a website so im pretty knowledge about this game i also know how to make good plays and carry my team but only when i have a good team i can carry them im currently in silver 3 and almost silver 2 but im in bronze because of noobs and feeders etc but i actually belong in grandmaster my main in midlane is mordekaiser cuz he is relly strong and very underrated i wanna show them what the power of mordekaiser is also i am pro at xerath cuz i hav 75% winrate with him over 4 games whcih is relly good for silver 3. team fnatic i hope you considerr my applciation cuase this is what i always wanted to become your sincerely, bogdan p.s. sorry for bad english pss. cause fnatic may not see this pls upvote this post i always wanted to be pro and show my sklls in pro scen and worlds 2019 and i need your hellp

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