Rant Song

[Instrumental] Now this is a story all about how my winning spree got flipped turned up side down And I'd like to take a minute Just sit right there I'll tell you how I went thourgh some matches so beware [instrumental] On summoners rift, born and raised in the jungle was where i spent most of my days Chilling out, farming, ganking and all cool and buying some items inside of my base when an AD soraka mid and support j4 said we're up to no good! Started feeding enemies in my neighbourhood i got in one little fight and they turned on me, and said: "from now on we won't even try any more!" the next game i'm zyra support to only hear zyra is bad but our top lee sin fed and garen was a nightmare he gave us a shout, then he gave us the blame i put my wards down, and said "we could still kick it!" "noob champ, cho this is bad man getting killed by a garen under turret is this what the people of riot call balance? hmmmm.....they might be blind" but wait i hear another alistar supp, and all that is this the type of champ they will defeat me at? i dont think so, i'll see when we spawn there i hope they're prepared for the AP alistar! [instrumental] well uh, we spawned and when i realised there was a dude who looked like teemo adc I aint trying to be negative, just got here i sprang with the quickness like lightning i leashed i whistled to go in, but teemo felt like farming and ate all of the skillshots if anything i could say this rat was bad, but i thought: "man forget it, yo homes late game!" [instrumental] i pulled of some sick tricks about 7 or 8 and i pinged to my carry: "yo homes attack him" I got 2 inhibs but noone here,....................(i had banner of comand an zz'rot so taking 2 turrets and 2 inhibs while we aced them was easy to do alone :P) the fed wukong dc's and it's over i call to group mid but they think gromp is better, enemies get a baron and push till their win. (i know it doesn't always fit in the music and i am no god but these people got me quite mad/tilted so i decided to make this, trust me making this is quite fun actually, and im not even mad any more :P)

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