Real-life crafting - ❄️Volunteer Event❄️

This thread is part of the Volunteers' Christmas event,
take a look at the announcement to discover the entire event.

We've seen some of you draw amazing fanart, and we know that there are seriously
talented writers. This time, we'll try something a little different!

Create a League of Legends themed craft in real life!

There are endless possibilites, here a few just to give you some ideas.
Cooking/ Baking, Christmas tree ornaments, Champion figures, a map of runeterra...
You get the idea!

Take a photo of your creation and post it in the comments.
To prove ownership, please physically include your Summoner name in the image
(a piece of paper will do).
If you are not sure whether your idea is eligible, feel free to ask us.

We will choose 4 entries we like the most, each winner will receive

2000 RP!

Even if you don't think you can create one of the best entries, give it a shot anyway, because additionally to the 4 winners, we will randomly reward 3 other entries with 500 RP!
Be sure to submit your entry by December 25th!

Here are the rules:
  • You must be the creator of the submission (duh).
  • Your entry must have been made for this contest.
  • You'll need an EUW or EUNE account to participate.
  • Rewards can only be given to the account that posted the entry.
  • Your content should adhere the Boards rules.

  • There should be no toxicity displayed in any of your latest games!
  • You shouldn't have had any chat restriction within the last month.
  • You shouldn't have had any ingame ban within the last 3 months.
  • You shouldn't have had a Boards ban within the last month.
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