"Cancer" tier list

THIS IS A JOKE. Take it seriously at your own risk. The tier list lists the most annoying champions to play with or against. Feel free to add or suggest corrections! **God tier:** > **Singed {{champion:27}} **. He might not be cancerous when you play vs him, but there's 4 teammates that WILL chase a 1 hp singed across the map and give him a quadra kill. (I had THAT happen once). 1 hp singed has literally the best taunt in the game(aside from Teemo Global taunt), people are greedy for that "easy kill" only to get chemtrail'd. He's also very easy to play(literally a running simulator champion) that has easy farming with poison(as long as you manage mana well), can do cheese flips and bait enemy from doing Baron as well as proxying the base(and subsequently starving the mid/bot laners). **He can truly be a pain to both play with and against.** ----- **Teemo**{{champion:17}} . Your Teemo teammate will almost always feed enemy laner and go 2/7/1, while enemy Teemo will almost always go 20/3 and get a pentakill with mushroom trap. He forces everyone to buy Pink Ward and Oracle, effectively reducing the gold that can be spared for **magic resist items** which reduce his powerful poison effect. There are several very annoying tricks, such as Shroom Bouncing(he's actually useful in teamfights now), Pink Ward trapping, level 1 cheese first blood on jungler and so on. In addition, he has a powerful **global taunt** that can be used to bait enemies into field of mushroom mines(after baiting their Oracles of course). And passive, that stealths him and gives 60%+ attack speed can be used to cheese kill ADC/Midlaner late game. In addition to all that, {{item:3146}} can be used to shoot the carries for 300+ base damage and some AP scaling(in addition to Blind Nuke). He's truly a pain with some AP and Magic Penetration. Oh, and the KS potential with blind... -------------------------- **Shaco**{{champion:35}} . Same situation with Teemo - your Shaco will not gank and will feed, and enemy Shaco always gets a level 2 first blood from cheese ganks on mid and/or counter jungling. His Q stealth blink can be used to effectively **troll their whole team**(I had once forced 3 flashes on Dragon pit, it isn't hard). He's getting a rework, but I estimate that **the pain he brings will increase further** because of his new E giving a %missing HP execute that makes teammates scream "REPORT SHACO FOR KS!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@11111". His KS potential is already high with huge explosion damage on ultimate and he will troll you so hard that even if you have Sweeper or Oracle you will have question "WHERE IS THAT LIL BASTARD NOW?". Oh, and I didn't mention. **Do NOT chase him.** He will troll you with fields of boxes, troll your flashes with his Q, and laugh and disrespect your team 1v5. If you happen to have a Zed ultimate, he has his own to become invincible for a short duration. Oh right, he's a **CLOWN!** ---------------------------- **Vayne {{champion:67}} **. Probably the sickest champion after Tumble buffs. That {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} crit on Q makes me want to rip my hair out. Of course, it is good vs Squishies, but then again, your Vayne will chase a low Caitlyn across the map to get killed by a tank(Rammus maybe) with ultimate, and will blow everything for nothing. Enemy Vayne will 1v5 and easily kite tanks and... kill them in 6 damn shots. Doesn't quite matter if enemy team has full tank Nautilus, or Ashe, or Kalista, hell, even Fizz can be outplayed so damn badly. **Basically Press R Spam Q Use {{summoner:4}} Condemn to get a fking INSEC and scream #NA #MECHANICS #OUTPLAYED #LCS** holy shit wtf... then it boils down to your damage, either you get turned around on and killed or you get a pentakek. Oh, and that **self peel! That's right, let's fuck every bruiser and assassin out there with low CD knockback that can stun too.** Anyway, I either stand and whittle down your tanks with 3x auto's, or if you don't have peel, I go straight for carries and delete them. ------------------------- **Fish**{{champion:105}}. Our amphibian assassin-tank-bruiser is getting reworked. But still that E! Jinx ult? Hop. Syndra ult? Trollpole it. Any channeled ults like VelKoz one? Slip past it. Fizz is extremely slippery. A combination of Q, E and R lets you dive almost anything under tower without getting punished. His W poison deals a % (missing) hp damage, so **Fizz is an assassin that can actually duel tanks.**Oh, and if you land a shark from a high distance after rework... they will get eaten by a mega shark. ------------------------- **Riven**{{champion:92}} Many players think that this champion has no counterplay. **For a reason.** Imagine we have some assassin model right there, of course, tons of mobility and high damage. Great. But what kind of genius could ever have thought of putting a big-ass shield and STUNS in her kit? CC her? Nah, eat my {{item:3139}} and a {{item:3111}}. Anything with high DPS? Nah, here's some physical steal from that. {{item:3812}} It gives some damage reduction too. Oh, and some lifesteal {{item:3074}}. Found a way to KILL a riven? Nah, eat a big-ass shield and a few stuns then die yourself. However, many players do not use her kit to the most potential, and either faceroll with her, or feed themselves like noobs. Then again, if a teammate plays Riven she will go 0/10/1 and if enemy plays her she will go 22/3/8. Riven cannot be a **tank** either in the **tank meta**. She has nothing to soak very big burst with except her Mercurial, Death's Dance and shield(maybe Maw of Malmortius if they have AP heavy comp, but CC removal always helps) ------------------------- **Janna**{{champion:40}} Yes, the DEFINITION of cancer champ. Want to get to their ADC? He will get shielded and survive your burst, then {{item:3072}} lifesteal all the way back. Then get knocked up by wind that does nothing but annoy you with the knockup. If you are not dead, or if multiple enemies are hard-focusing ADC, here's the knockback and heal field. **Bye Bye Gragas, Master Yi and Leona. In the end, your ADC has a 100% rate of survival with this support.** **Press E to get Elo.** **Tier 1:** These champions can be annoying as hell, might even get you reported after the game "for playing a noob champ". > **Garen.**{{champion:86}} According to Riot, juggernauts are **tanky dudes with huge damage and low mobility**. While it is true for his high damage(%damage on abilities when focusing Villain and, of course, a 1k+ TRUE damage ult(Riot wtf)) and his god tier durability, he also has items like {{item:3742}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} ...(and other tanky or damagey items that boost movespeed) **and he runs like a fucking Formula 1.** **A juggernaut running like a Formula 1? Riot WTF?** Although he DOES pay the price for having somewhat low CC, but everyone knows that Death is the BEST CC. --------------------------------- **Kalista.**{{champion:429}} One of these champs an average player has to ban **so his teammates won't pick her. She does hop-hop-hop like Mario(pretty crazy for an ADC) but STILL has 44% win rate for some reason**. ----------------------------------- **Jax.**{{champion:24}} Dodge. Dodge. **Dodge.** Sure, mages can be strong vs Jax because spells can't be dodged, but he gets some AoE resistance and buys a {{item:3156}} or {{item:3139}} then continues to whack the backline(or gets peeled away from/killed). Anyway, that dude is very scary, even when built tanky. And as a BotRK champion he thrives in tank meta. --------------------------------- **Yasuo**{{champion:157}} **Million of dashes. Not that easy to kite.** Only a {{champion:412}} or a {{champion:40}} can peel him off, really. And the frustrating 100% crit passive that makes him reach his potential by just buying 2 items and some lifesteal. He's probably a son of a {{champion:23}} and a grandson of {{champion:11}}. Oh, and free penetration... Good luck Tank players, ADC players, whatever. -------------------------------------- **Kennen {{champion:85}} ** An ultimate that stuns is not a huge problem. An ultimate **that stuns and deals TONS of damage, on a champion that has an oppressive as f*ck laning phase** is the problem. ----------------------------- **Caitlyn** {{champion:51}} THAT PASSIVE. She placed a trap in middle of a teamfight, and **blew half of your head off with a 2k crit.**. Safe as hell, no assassin ever gets to the police lady with 1300+ range, kit of traps and a dash. **Oppressive as hell laning phase and a strong late game.** Oh, and to clean up a teamfight, she blows your entirie head off from across the map with a long range ultimate. Even if she lost a teamfight, she still has traps to zone people from pushing mid tower. **Pick her and it's insta-win.** --------------------------- **Jhin**{{champion:202}} Shares the same issues with Caitlyn - a trap and a long as hell range. Although he IS NOT as mobile as Caitlyn, he still has some(although less oppressive) traps and uses the Cancerous Penetration Build. He has pretty stable laning phase and scales well into late game. **In addition, he can oneshot.** -------------------------------- **Miss Fortune** {{champion:21}} Riot... a 6,5k damage ultimate... ARE YOU FKING KIDDING? Deletes squishies within first half second, deletes tanks within 2 seconds. Just some good positioning and peeling and some brain power to bait Yasou walls out, and it's an easy game. **A free ticket to Challenger, be sure to grab it first.** ---------------------- **Sona**{{champion:37}} A support with **amazing base values** and **hyperscaling with cooldown reduction**. We all know that the combination of two is imbalanced. Many a Sona have dealt **more damage than their ADCs**(unless they play with Miss or Caitlyn). **She can spam W, and one shot too.** ______________ **Malzahar** {{champion:90}} He may not be cancer on his own, but he has AIDS that can be spread to enemy champion. And these blue spiders on his 'W' ability have **tons of damage and look like cancer.** That's right, a non-cancer that **has 4 cancers and an AIDS!** Plus, his long ass lockdown to kill nobody else but you, just YOU, YOU AND NOTHING ELSE. Oh and a free {{item:3102}} in his kit, and some Silence to prevent you from flashing or using spells of your own. He will hunt and kill you, nobody else, just you, tilt you and make you go afk. WIP
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