New game mode with all reworked champs reverted

i have a cool idea for a new game mode... it is played like a fortnite map, just like the crystal scar and the nexus blitz ones... the game mode is that a few players all get to choose a champion that has received a rework will get to pick wheter they want to play the reworked version of the champion or the pre-reworked champion, for example fiora.{{champion:114}} then the players go to this special map and brawl for the most points in a time limit of 20 minutes. for a championkill you gain 20 points and you earn 100 points over time. multikills will be awarded by + 1 kill = + 10 points, at the end of the game the points are counted and the player with the highest amount of points wins, if there are more than 1 winner, then they face of in combat against eachother simultaneously and the player last standing wins and the other lose. this should be a fun game mode which surely will bring back some players who quit and brings a whole lot of variety of playstyles and fun to the game. this game mode should be annual like arurf... seriously hope that riot finds this post and make this game mode

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