Voluntine's Contest - Winner Announcement !

http://volu-eu.org/img/Volunteers_heart_logo_t.png _Wow… Just wow._ Greetings everyone, We’re proud to finally announce the winners of our [Valentine’s Contest](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/u4yr6Hfb-valentines-day-community-contest-closed) ! You absolutely blew our minds… None of us expected such awesome results in just one week time. We’re proud of our community’s creativity, and to show this, we’ve decided to heavily bump up the rewards for this contest :) Because we simply couldn’t decide which piece of art we liked best, we’re rewarding the **TOP 7** entries with **1000 RP** each. _**(please note that distributing the prizes might take a few days)**_ Thanks to everyone who participated, and if you’re not one of the winners for this contest, no worries, we’ll try to keep delivering exciting contests for all of you ! --- Congratulations **Dagia2** (EUW) ! [view image](http://orig00.deviantart.net/4f59/f/2017/050/8/9/the_last_candy_theory_by_m4ryon-dazooiu.jpg) --- Congratulations **Nakoruru** (EUNE) ! [view image](http://i.imgur.com/jxS6Upo.jpg) --- Congratulations **Rolochan105** (EUW) ! [view image](https://s23.postimg.org/wj7qwzznt/New_Canvas.png) --- Congratulations **Sahira94** (EUW) ! [view image](http://img13.deviantart.net/6d1c/i/2017/052/d/c/have_you_ever_wondered___valentine_s_contest_by_sahirac-dazvy2k.jpg) --- Congratulations **Silurian** (EUNE) ! [view image](http://orig07.deviantart.net/78ab/f/2017/050/5/3/a_date____valentine_s_2017_by_jozzusan77-dazpdhh.png) --- Congratulations **Vengeful Eggroll** (EUNE) ! [view image](http://fav.me/dazdhvw) ---- Congratulations **ST Scorpy** (EUNE) ! [view text](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/u4yr6Hfb-valentines-day-community-contest-closed?comment=0035)
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