How to be an A$$hole (Joke)

In your Ranked games, it's important to have a playstyle of an A$$hole. An absolute shroom of a player. You have to zone enemys away from cs, abuse them when they are 1 lvl below you and don't dare they come back to lane! Harass them at every opportunity and capitalize on all of their mistakes. And make sure that when you're playing a ranged champ to get those auto's nice and tight on your target 24/7. Lulu and polymorth can't miss in your arsenal aswell! If you play a jungler: Live in **their** jungle :) And keep those wards up to know where their jungler goes next and kill him there once he spawns of course! To your champs belong: {{champion:17}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:117}} Your playstyle is to get your opponent on his nerves and play every champ you play like an Assassin. Your attributes are: /all ez , /all ezi . /all esi . and /all wp Your goal in a game is to snowball your lead and have your opponents ff at 15. Or make your laner incapable of ever comming back to lane. Being an a$$hole to the fullest only works in lower elos but definitly still has a place even in Plat, which stands short for: "Prolonged A$$hole Tier" Have fun with this playstyle and maybe more will be comming from me in the future :) Edit: Check out my second part "How to be a Dog."
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