The battle of paper V (it happened but it was so bad it was a joke)

Dear player (Joke) i thought it was impossible to get people below lv 30 in ranked, i must be seeing things. but i swear i saw a {{champion:222}} who had as much idea of what she was doing as a bot, intact i have seen bots with more brain, we almost won, not because anyone was good, no in fact, some people had bad ruins that looked like they where put together because the person went, i like blue and red and thought hey i build like this. i watched a {{champion:3}} go full troll, not even a joke, he was so bad, that he over extended on lv 1 and thought he could tower dive me on full heath and every time he died he said EZ, then there was {{champion:23}} who thought he was {{champion:266}} , because when he came to team fights he ran off with {{champion:11}} because they where to scared of dying. and then there was {{champion:37}} the only person i felt sorry for the whole game, because she was always left alive and could not do much in team fight thanks to the 3 bad apples who fed a {{champion:92}} , a {{champion:18}} , a {{champion:99}} and {{champion:154}} . and we all know this if try to save team mates and be useful, you expect them to back you, when there nearby, but nope, i got targeted, because i was the only threat, fed 6 because team, never went into anything and carried on farming like a beginner bot. if going to get that in future, i'm just going full {{champion:6}} rounds. thanks for reading. yours sincerely a feeding pile of trash

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