What were some of the dumb or funny things you did when you was lower levels (unranked)

I remember when I was level 15 and used to play League with my laptop's touchpad, that is why I only used to play Auto Attack based champions ({{champion:266}} ,{{champion:102}} ,{{champion:24}} ,{{champion:18}} , etc...). My favourite thing to do was to go shyvana adc since I didn't even know what adc's were, I would rush an Infinity Edge and basically go full crit (it actually worked guys). Another thing I would do was go top lane as aatrox and when my jungler would ask for a leash I would type in chat "There is no one there man, why are you pinging for help", "at this my jungler would type "OMG report this noob" (I'm Italian, I didn't know what the word noob meant until I came here to England). I remember I would I never knew the existence of the "all items" tab, and when I discovered it (lvl 18) I started doing crazy stuff like building {{item:3146}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3158}} and thinking it was the most op think I could ever come up with. One day I found out I could Google the terms and things i found in my games like noob and stuff like. Well this was a really short post but these were only some of the dumb things I did, what were some you guys did , I am {{champion:81}} tremly interested in your stories.....get it? get it?.....LAUGH IT'S HILARIOUS.
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