🦇🎃Halloween Skins🎃🦇 - Volunteer Contest


This contest is part of multiple events we have in stock for you this Halloween,
so make sure to check out the Announcement Thread.

What is this contest about?

This one is pretty straightforward!
We want to see you create ideas for some Halloween themed skins.
Which champion would be best suited to receive a spooky new look?

Explain your concept in great detail, make sketches, or even a complete concept art!
As always, artistic skill is going to help you out a lot, but it's not needed.
If you have a wonderful idea, it can just as well be inspiring enough to win!

Please submit your entry in the comments of this thread, the contest will close on November 2nd 23:59 CET. The rules can be found below, good luck and have fun!
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