Real Joke..

Jarvan and Garen are in a pub. They see Alistar on the other side and bet to make him laugh. Both are trying their best jokes but both keep failing. Then Teemo came up and said: "Ill bet you I will make him laugh for 1000 gold." They agreed. He came up to Alistar and whispered something to his ear. Alistar started laughing like crazy. Then Teemo returned to Jarvan and Garen and told them: "And for another 1000 gold, I will make him cry too." They instantly agreed to. So Teemo came up to Alistar and showed him something. Alistar started to cry like a little baby and runs away in tears. Jarvan and Garen both suprised asked Teemo: "What did you tell him?" "Well... first time, I said my ***** is bigger than his... and then... I showed him."
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