If you could have LoL abilities and 1 LoL item in real life, which ones would you want?

U can't choose multiply same class abilities (for example 2 Qs or ultimates) U have to choose 1 passive, Q , W , E , R. List the reason(s) why you chose these. Also choose 1 item and why. Mine would be: Passive - Staggering Blow ( {{champion:111}} ) Chose it because if anyone will start a fight, he will be screwed up. Q - Deceive ( {{champion:35}} ) I could critically strike someone, or just use it to pass through walls or hide :D W - Rake ( {{champion:91}} ) Pretty badass how you cold throw shurikens in a cone, and catch them perfectly. E - Shadow Dash ( {{champion:98}} ) Could use it for escaping, or making someone hit you while a fight and deal less damage(you get less hurt) R - Undying Rage ( {{champion:23}} ) About to die? Not today. Item: {{item:3046}} Could attack faster and hit stronger more(critical strike). Could move through people in crowded places.
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