Just wanna share my first TFT experience

Okay, i heard about this game mode, got hyped and tried to avoid as much gameplay footage i could to not get spoiled. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} OH BOI IT WAS A MISTAKE. Starting the game with a solid blitzcrank+tear, thinking it was a great start. clearing camps quite easily, bought darius, and "leveled up" (at this point i have no idea what leveling up means) Then i encounter the first PVP battle. Needless to say, i lost. At this point i noticed what leveling up means, and how the HP bar works. Then comes the 2nd battle. I lose. Then the 3rd battle. I lose. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Then comes the time to get another champ. Mistake were made, i accidentally get another blitzcrank. Wild krugs appeared ! my double blitz/darius/vayne/gangplank are ready to fight thi- just joking, Imiserably died. I struggled getting one down, then lost all hope and dreams when the 2 other ones healed themselves. PVP time, lost every single battle. At this point i try to figure out if i can speed up the fights, accepting I may have messed up the strategy ... IF ONLY I HAD ONE {{sticker:sg-shisa}} Another champ select, get pyke. What a strat saver. One thing that i notice is that we don't get release at the same time; after looking at some things i notice that while i was down to 6hp, every single other dudes were above 50. Might explain why i was the only one free. The game ends for me on wolves fights (this fight made me laugh tho, when my entire team got &/3 of their healthbar removed by the wolves engage) The end game screen shows up, and i notice most of my opponents champions have stars ... Then i realise : none of mine leveled up. NOT. A. SINGLE. CHAMP. 11/10 will play again

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