Free Skin Contest nr 27

> #**Now this contest is Officaly over!** > This contest winners are: > Euw: Foxxof120, Unholy Decadence, DerMannohneSchuh > Eune: Bucky Is Rengar, Overloard99, KILlER4oU > Winners please add me in their servers. > Euw: FSC SeekerK > Eune: SeekerK > Congratulations and till next time :) ##Hello Eu Community In this contest we will be talking about the coming Assassins update. From now on, I will be asking participants to give me ideas for the next contests etc. **Contest task:** * Write down 3 champions from the Assassin class that you believe require an update, and your reason for picking them. * Tell me what we should talk about in the next contest. **Contest rules:** * Everything in the **Contest Task** has to be followed. * All entries are equal, as long as Contest Rules have been followed. * Please be positive and friendly while commenting other players contest entries and comments. **Rewards:** _This contest will have 6 winners, every winner will receive a **Mystery Skin**_. #**Contest Ends: August 06th 2016, 22 pm GMT +2** --- **Contest series base rules:** * All Riot rules must be followed in the [Summoners Code]( * Negative behavior, is not tolerated and that player will get banned from the contest. If such behavior is seen in multiple contest threads, then the player will be banned from the contest series. * I'm not rating any comments made, every entry is equal to me till the contest ends. * Each contest will have their own extra rules, that must be followed for a successful entry. IF U LIKE THE CONTEST AND THE SERIES, UPVOTE. About me: [Twitter](
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