So, a pro player just explained to me how last whisper actually works

So, my in my last game, I had the opportunity to play with a wonderful Draven, and despite being against 5 tanks, to my surprise he didn't build a last whisper In post chat lobby he explained to us that last whisper isn't a good item against tanks because lethality sucks against tanks so he didn't want to build any That's when we all said that "last whisper isn't lethality" But here's the thing tho, you guys probably didn't know but this is how last whisper really works, and that's intel straight from a pro so that's just how legit the info is Lethality applies first , then you have the 35% armor reduction from the last whisper after, and that's the thing, if you have 0 lethality, last whisper's 35% armor reduction won't do anything, because it's 35% armor reduction of your lethality So since lethality isn't good against tanks, you cant' build a last whisper cause the passive simply won't work with no lethality Makes sense right ? He then proceeded to flame the %%%% out of us cause we're just %%%%%%ed bronzies who think last whisper's 35% bonus armor penetration penetrates 35% of the enemy's bonus armor So now you'll know for future games, you shouldn't build a last whisper against tanks cause it won't work
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