The Volunteer Icon Contest! #Greetings community! **UPDATE: Winners have been chosen, and announced** [here]( Thanks to everyone who participated! ___ **UPDATE: Submissions will be no longer accepted after 23:59 CET 30th November!** Recently the recipe of the Volunteer project changed a bit. Not only did a lot of new Volunteers join the program but also the Emissary program has returned from the dead! Add the announcement of the Instructor program to all this and the cocktail is complete. Now, we’ve all tasted this cocktail but felt like an ingredient was missing. **New icons for all the Volunteer programs!** (See that little green Dude next to my Name on Boards? Yeah, those are the Icons we are looking to replace fyi) As most of you already know Volunteers are not Riot staff members but members of the community that are recognized by Riot as Community representatives and are extremely passionate about helping other players. We brainstormed about the creation of new icons but came to the following conclusion: **_"Since we are community members and what we do is for and with the community, why not ask the community themselves?"_** Are you up for a challenge? Do you want to help us with creating the new Volunteer icons? Are you a good at drawing or do you have an amazing concept for them? Then don’t hesitate and read below! Do you have any friends with creative skills? Feel free to send this their way! :-) **** #General information: Everyone who accepts the challenge will be able to submit their creations to us. These creations will be reviewed by the Volunteers and the best creations will be rewarded! However, this doesn’t mean that we will be using the submissions as the new icons. Only when we truly believe in a creation, we will take it to the next step. *Applications will be closed when the clock hits midnight on the 30th November.* #Guidelines: We know that you, the Community, can be amazingly creative. That's why we don't want to restrict that creativity in any way except that we ask to keep the base-lines of the roles in mind and to keep it appropriate. For now, there are a total of 3 roles inside the Volunteer program: * **The Wrenchmen.** They are the "tech guys" in the volunteer program. They usually patrol in Help & Support and help players with their technical issues. * **The Emissaries.** They are the "community guys" involved with everything that is related to the community. They patrol everywhere, join discussions and provide constructive feedback on ideas. * **The Instructors.** They are the newest of us all and not active yet which is why this is still a very open role. In general they'll introduce new players to the game and learn them the ropes but they'll also help more experienced players with some Tips & Tricks. Also keep in mind that good icons do not have to be complex, especially since they will be very small, even the simplest image can be the best one of them all. For everyone who is up for an extra challenge we have an optional quest of making a general Volunteer icon. We never had such an icon before but it would be an icon that represents the whole Volunteer project. This icon will be a bigger one and will be used in headers, videos, etc, so it doesn’t have to be as small as the others. That's it, from here on, you're free! **** #How to submit: Once you came up with your amazing concept or once you've drawn the best icon in the world, Submit it here: **** We would like you to follow the following template for the E-mail: >**SUBJECT:** The icon challenge > **Summoner name:** **Server:** > * The Wrenchmen concept: * The Emissaries concept: * The instructors concept: * Volunteer Concept (optional): - _Add the role icons as an attachment using .jpg with a size of 222x222_ - _Add the Volunteer icon as an attachment using .jpg with a size of your choice, preferably horizontally longer than vertically_ **** Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment and ask us anything! Good luck everyone! **_The Volunteers_** {{summoner:31}}

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