Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Today I logged on League and was excited to receive some more daily quests, however the excitement quickly ran out when I saw that I had to play Teemo in Nexus Blitz to get 1 token. So I played a game of Teemo... and I lost. Which meant I had to play another game of Teemo. I was also highly perplexed. As I was in champion select waiting for the timer to run out, I could not decide on which skin to pick. It was a choice between Panda Teemo, and Cotton Tail Teemo. Then I began thinking about why I even have Teemo skins to begin with. Luckily the second Teemo game I won. I also met a Mundo player who pretended to be Thanos. Because they were both purple. His name was Oppai Lover. He was a cool guy, but overly obsessed with all things balanced. He also complained about why the Shop did not have any Infinity Stones for sale. As I want to attain the Prestigious Akali skin that I will never use... Because I don't play Akali, I wanted to play some more games to get some more tokens. So I played a game on Master Yi on Summoner's Rift. I had about 9 kills, and all of them on the same person, which means my Ravenous Hunter stacks were 1/5 the whole game. I was sad. But we won. I was happy. Dear Diary, what shall I do? It is maintenance now. I wish to play some more games. I realize that when the servers are fine, my desire to play is normal. But as soon as the game tells you you cannot play, you want to play even more. Dear Diary, I am a bit nervous. I feel as though the person reading this right now is wasting their time, all because of me. Hello. Hi. Yes you, reading this. How are you? I can't hear your reply anyways, but if you answered, then I like you. Dear Diary, I have decided to end this entry. I am not very sure on how to make it dramatic and give it the proper closure it doesn't deserve, so maybe I'll just stop writing.
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