Show your selfmade cosplay and win a 1350 RP skin!

[]( Hello, Ladys and Gentleman and Atack Helicopters to the ~~not so~~ **_OFFICIAL COSPLAY CONTEST MADE BY ME_** In this contest you will be able to win a 1350 RP skin ! (Epic Skin) of YOUR CHOICE, (even if it means i have to gift a ... Zoe skin) The rules are simple 1. It is YOU, who has to be in the picture, and YOU who made the cosplay, buying a cosplay and posing nicely won't make you win! 2. Post Pictures of the work indebetween, the work of you making your cosplay, as additional proof that it is you who made the cosplay 3. If you post your brother/sister/hamster who made it and posed in it, make sure to link THEIR League account, not yours. 4. Keep it civil in the comment section (looking at you Delde and Marissa (Kappa)) 5. In your cosplay hold up a pic with your summoner name, so i can be sure you did not sent me a pic of a famous cosplayer or smthn like that (EDIT: Added Rule, no digital allowed, has to be IRL made with hardware, not software...) #How i will judge I will judge you by creativity and effort put into the cosplay. I don't care if it looks like this or this or ~~preferably~~ this #As long as i can see you have put effort and love into it Deadline reeeee End of the Month, so First of .. what comes after april again??.... eh. Contest ends at 01.05.2018 at 17:00 PM (German Timezone) Happy cosplaying everyone !
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