Post your most creative / fun opening phrase and win a champ / skin

Lets have some fun. Win one of the 3 prices below by posting your original / creative game opening phrase below. Rules: No immature phrases No sexual comments No flaming No random downvoting You can submit your comment untill Sunday 15-10-2017 23:59. I will create a poll in order to pick a winner. (based on upvotes + personal favorites) Winner will be posted in this thread. **Price POOL** 1st place: Shop champions for 1500 RP 2st place: Shop for 1000 RP 3th place: Shop for 750 RP Why this thread, and why give away 3250 RP Personaly i like a good laugh and have some fun during games. I see so many QQ and negative posts that i decided to create one just for fun. If this post puts a smile on someones face i am happy. **Are you BSing?** Nope, i have done a match before like this in 2014. I stopped playing for a while and got back 2 or 3 months ago. If you don't believe me giving away the RP thats your lose :P. It was fun to see players engaging in this comp and i had a good lauch. Good luck and have fun! EDIT: You can enter your funny ingame jokes as well EDIT: VOTING HAS STARTED:
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