VS Event - Who is winning?

I'm interested to find out who is going to win this one. I've seen 5 God King Darius skins for every 1 Garen skin but it's hard to count icons since most people don't have them equipped. At first I was sure Riot would try to rig Demacia/order to win over Noxus/chaos simply due to the fact that chaos already won once (Yasuo vs Riven event), but then I quickly remembered that Noxus already lost once vs Ionia and that Riot wouldn't want the nation which is meant to be presented as hardcore to look like complete wusses with only failure in their past. So now I think the contest is genuine and that there is no number adding behind players' backs (like Valve did for DotA 2 for Io vs Juggernaut and Rubick vs Pudge arcana events to earn more money) and this has helped me respect the company even more. But I'm still genuinely curious to find out who you think is going to win since I personally have absolutely no clue so I have created a pool. I personally enjoy playing Darius more simply due to Garen's utterly simplistic gameplay but really resent both order and chaos to a severe degree. Cheers!

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