Find the Teemo (Gamemode)

Rules: Teemo on both teams. You play on Summoners Rift. Please communicate in the championselect who wants to go Teemo. Please don't pick any banned champions or banned masteries. This game will only work if everyone's honest and play it fair. 2. As soon the game has started, both Teemos need to hide in the jungle. No hiding in the lanes/base. 3. The rest of the team can only leave their base, when both Teemos agreed that they found a place to hide. 4. No fighting unless a Teemo is visible. When the Teemo is invisible again, the fight stops and the search begins again. 5. Everyone except Teemo are allowed to go back and buy at all times 6. Everyone goes back to base after one Teemo is killed, back to #1.. 7. First team who killed the enemy Teemo 5 times wins, the other team has surrender. 8. All Summoner spells are allowed. 9. You may clean jungle camps, you may NOT kill minions in the lanes. You also may steal camps from the enemys. So Smite is really recommended as a summoner spell. 8. Banned Champions: {{champion:64}} Lee Sin {{champion:55}} Katarina {{champion:25}} Morgana {{champion:37}} Sona {{champion:4}} Twisted Fate {{champion:28}} Evelynn {{champion:23}} Tryndamere {{champion:30}} Karthus {{champion:81}} Ezreal {{champion:53}} Blitzcrank {{champion:107}} Rengar {{champion:19}} Warwick {{champion:133}} Quinn 9. Banned Masteries: Warlord's Bloodlust Thunderlord's Decree Legendary Guardian Stoneborn Pact Courage of the Colossus 10. Banned Items: Anything that can reveal Teemo and/or his shrooms. Have Fun! x)
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