Community Champion Concept - Stage 3: Lore!šŸ“–

You created it, you voted for it.

Now it's time to bring life to our first Community Champion Concept!

In case you don't know what this is about, take a look at this thread or the Volunteer Halloween Event.
After Divine Sword created the visual concept, you guys had the difficult job to come up with a unique and exciting kit for our champion!
We liked many of your submissions, and choosing one wasn't quite easy, but this is a very interesting kit for our champion, that suits him extremely well.

Congratulations to Heinibrother,

who came up with a very unique passive - alternating basic attacks with abilities that work around this feature and give the kit a great depth!
Heinibrother named our champion "Boros" for now, we'll see if it sticks, or if we'll vote on another name later!

Passive - Versatile Fighter

Boros alternates between striking with his bracer and his claw with each attack.
Attacking with his bracer gives him a boost in movementspeed for a brief moment or until he attacks with his claw.
Attacking with his claw applies a 'Scar' stack to the attacked enemie. At 2 stacks of 'Scar' the mark is consumed dealing bonus damage based on the enemies maximum health and applies grevious wounds.
After leaving combat Boros' next attack will be with his bracer.

Q - Double Slash

Boros strikes around him twice in quick succession, dealing damage to all enemies hit. He temporaly gains armor and magic-resistance for each enemy champion hit with his bracer and slows enemies hit by his claw for a short duration.

W - Full Force Swipe

Boros puts all his power into his next basic attack, damaging all enemies in a small area around his target and gainig a bonus effect based on the hand he strikes with.
Bracer: Gains a shield, that decreases over time.
Claw: Knocks back all enemies hit.

E - Slam and Slice

Boros leaps a short distance towards target enemy and slams them into the ground, briefly stunning them and dealing damage. After performing his slam Boros strikes his target with 2 quick attacks.

R - Reptilian Rage

Boros enrages for the next few seconds by stomping all nearby enemies into the ground, stunning them and dealing physical damage to them. While enraged Boros grows in size and strikes with both his claw and bracer for each attack. Boros can also use Reptile Rage a second time while being in rage to perform a long dash, carrying all nearby enemies with him to his destination.

Now that our champion is ready to be played, he needs personality and a story!
We're asking you to write his lore!
You can talk about his history, the battles he fought, and explore his personality - you could even come up with some voicelines and special interactions if you want to go a little further.

Just create a lore that makes us understand this champion and explain his role in League's universe.

You should write between 300 and 700 words, as always, your entries go right here into the comments. We're looking forward to reading your submissions, make sure you drop them here by November 28th!

Good luck and have fun!

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