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Hello Everyone Since i have all Skins already and still have a lot of Riot Points left, i want to give something to the Community :D So i thought of doing a Giveaway. You can choose on of the 4 Options: 1. 1 Ultimate Skin of your Choice (2775/3250 RP) 2. 2 Legendary Skins (2x 1820 RP) 3. 3 Epic Skins (3x 1350 RP) 4. 4 "Basic" Skins (4x 975 RP) To enter Comment under this Post with your Summonor Name and the Skin(s) you want :3 Please share this that more people have the Chance to win also Upvote this please ^^ I will pick a winner on the 28.11.2018 (if there are enough people attending) To proof that i got all Skins and the Riot Points you can find the Screenshot in the link above EDIT: ALSO IMPORTANT ADD ME INGAME EUW NAME : Rºbin Good Luck and Best Regards Robin/Sugar Wraith {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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