Story time contest! (Riot pls? <3)

As I am a real fan of the league of legends lore I wish to read some fan made fiction/lores. So! I want you guys to write fictional stories from league of legends! RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS - The story must contain at least one champion from league of legends, and more than just a mention, they have to be a key point in the story. - It has to be your own made up story, no copies! - The story has to be written in the commentary field of this post so that they are easy for me to find. - Your own champions are allowed - Do not write too long stories I will (hopefully) have a lot to read. - Have fun! THE KEY POINTS I WILL LOOK AT - How you describe things around your character - Story and plot - If the story seems planned or rushed trough If anyone want to help me judge, just comment bellow So spread the word to your way to your friend who never stops making things up and write me a story! I will decide the prize after I see how many entries there are and how good you have been I will stop taking entries after one week, that will be april 29th. And Eambo or any other rioter, if you see this just leave an &quot;approved&quot; or something so I can get more people to join my contest! Love from Red Panda {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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