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#The Constest is over now, [Meet the winners](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/OWr8uiHw-valentines-contest-winners) or [Read their stories](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/1li19EN4-vote-for-your-favorite-valentines-stories)! ---------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- ------------------------------------- http://i.imgur.com/cmjD7uq.jpg #Greetings summoners! Most of you know that Valentine's day is just around the corner, and it's about time we all get into the mood for it. So what better way would there be than having a lot of awesome stories? And to get those, we'll need your help! This is why we decided to do a contest to find the best Valentine-Stories this community can come up with! I personally tried writing one myself too, if you are interested I can give you a read, however, so far it is unfinished. (Mainly because endings are hard...) Hmmm... we can make a deal, I'll show you what I got so far, then you guys send us your awesome stories, which will surely give me enough inspiration to get finished by the end of the contest. ;) ----------------------------------------- But first, the formalities of the contest: - The Story must be League of Legends related. (But it doesn't have to be cannon!) - The Story must have the general theme of 'Love'. - No mature content. - A minimum of 200 and a maximum of 1.000 words. (a few words over this won't matter, just don’t make it too long!) Submit your story by sending an E-mail to **volunteer.valentine@mail.com** with the following details: - Your Summoner Name - Your Server (EUW/EUNE) - Title of your story - The story Submit your stories **until 16th February 23:59 CET**. (So if you got any ideas while living your own Valentien's day, you still can put the to paper... ehh... data.) We Volunteers will select the top stories and will set those up for puplic vote later on. [[The public voting has now started (28th February - 6th of March)]](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/1li19EN4-vote-for-your-favorite-valentines-stories) After one week of voting by you guys, we will announce the winners! Ofc the winners won't leave empty handed here, but we'll just call it a suprise-prize for now. Not only does everyone like surprises, but also because 'suprise-prize' has a quite nice ring to it. ---------------------------------------- Now as promised, the bit of the Story I came up with so far: (I recommend to get yourself a nice hot drink as it isn't the shortest of reads there is.) Also, I got no real titel for it yet, but I'd go with something like... "Lulu's love-potion". >_**Lulu's love-potion**_ > > In the world of Runetera, magic is something no one really knows the rules of. > Are there things that can’t be influenced with magic? Are there things stronger than magic? > Many thought love to be one of those things, but with thorough research, a certain yordle believed to have found a way to influence this very thing. > > So came, that slightly before midnight, the tip of a hat popped up from the undergrowth of the Plague Jungles, a mix of all imaginable and unimaginable bushes, grass and small trees, and went on its search for a very specific tree. > After a while of searching and avoiding anything that looked rather dangerous, without wielding any results, a purple fae spirit dashed away from the head, straight upwards to the sky, stopping above the treetops to scout the surrounding area. After a quick look around it dashed back down and lead the hat’s owner to the next clearing. > > The Yordle barely took time to check the clearing for the tree, not to mention get rid of all the leaves and vines stuck on her clothing, before focusing at the fae: “Pix! You said it was around here! It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you know exactly that it will only work tomorrow and last for one day!” Pix jumped back in a defensive manner, but soon after noticed a faint pink glow above some trees not too far from the clearing. As Lulu got even more desperate, realizing midnight just passed, she was tempted to just ignore the spirit trying to pull her into a direction; luckily she at least looked in the direction Pix wanted to pull her in and-… The sorceress tried to not squeak out of happiness too loud and jumped onto her staff almost instantly, speeding towards the pink shine while leaving a trail of flowers behind her. > > The next time Lulu stumbled out of the undergrowth, all the moonlight was tainted pink. She found herself in a big circle of only short grass and a few roots reaching out from a single tree in its middle. The tree didn’t reach much taller than any other around, but its leaves were colored in a vibrating pink. > Following her information, Lulu knew the tree only looks like this on Valentine’s Day, but not only did the look change, but its properties too. Only this day, when done correctly, the leaves of this tree should create a potion that can influence who loves whom until the end of the day. > > There was no time to waste, Lulu grabbed her satchel and got to building up everything she’d need to process the leaves, while ordering Pix to get some. She had managed to convince Veigar to meet her at the edge of the Plague Jungles at sunrise, which would be in roughly five hours, looking at how complex the creation of the potion will be, she had no time to lose. > First she started a fire and set up some water on it, then she got to grinding up the leaves with some other ingredients from all over Valoran, collecting them had been a quite big task itself, but at least she had had limitless time for those. > > During the whole processing Lulu couldn’t keep herself from trembling of excitement, just imagining to spend a whole day with Veigar, without all his blabla about how evil he was and denying hugs or cuddles or holding hands… it will be the best day of her life! And Veigar surely will see how awesome it can be, and days like this will happen more often in the future, without any potions. Lulu managed to snap out of those thoughts just in time to realize the water was already boiling and about to create a mess . > > After a lot of more grinding, boiling, mixing and almost messing something up due to daydreaming, roughly 30 minutes before sunrise it was finished. Lulu held a potion in her hands that will achieve what she had longed for. Half walking, half hopping, the Sorceress made her way over to the meeting point with Veigar. > > There she found him already waiting for her. “Veigaaaar~!” she caught his attention and ran towards the Dark Mage while waving. As she got closer she noticed a big picnic-basket with some roses next to his feet, and wondered what that could be about... ---------------------------------------- Good luck to all of you, and have a lot of fun while writing!
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