Riot could you please don't do it again!

Hi, I mean, I've been very unlucky with hextech rerolls (multiple skins on same champion), victorious skins, and now the Annie-versary skin! I really hope that this victorious skin is not a champion for which I already own a skin! I don't want to choose between multiple skins during champ select (if you own a skin you can always choose between base and the skin, that's fair). I really can't choose most of the time so I ask my teammates which skin to choose (hoping that they _can_ choose) :o For Graves I got victorious (+some chromas) and snow day graves (+golden chroma), for Vayne I got soulstealer and Heartseeker (hextech reroll), for Orianna I got victorious (+some chromas) and Sewn Chaos, for Sejuani traditional and Poro rider (both hextech reroll), and now... Annie in Wonderland and the Annie-versary skin! Could you please don't do it again! :-) Thanks, Kill and Win p.s. I still love you if you do, since free skins are awesome!{{sticker:katarina-love}}

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