League became a money grabber

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Beck and Merrill sought funding from family and angel investors, originally raising US$1.5 million to launch Riot Games in Los Angeles, California. The company was incorporated under the laws of California on August 31, 2006. The first person Riot Games recruited was Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, a developer on the multiplayer online battle arena game DotA Allstars .
Tencent bought it, they want money, best way to make money (actually not the best but the fastest) is money grabbing, do trash, release trash, etc. Say: Yea we are working on that, yea we'll fix that, but we need money you know, so just let us release this prestige skins (that are not prestige at all) which we made pushing 3 buttons and sure yea, why not do a Battle Pass every %%%%ing month so we sell people just skins and shit without actually balancing the game. Man we are eating shit, we are getting fed shit, real %%%%ing bullshit, all the %%%%ing budget is going to making trash every %%%%ing month and feeding it to us as super exclusive and super good, %%%% it, it's bullshit, IMPROVE THE %%%%ING GAME, balance it, change champs, were are the reworks, ¿what is the balance team doing? How many people are there balancing stuff, 3 guys? 2 maybe? Bullshit, a team of 15 is the %%%%ing minimum to balance the game, minimum. They are moneygrabbing us every moment possible, making up excuses to feed us shit and sell even more shit to us. It makes me very angry that they are making league a money grabber, it's pretty sad too actually, this game was much more balanced before, better designed, now it's some mass of trash holded with snot that kinda works until some major shit happens and they have to cover it behind "we have this urgent thing we have to fix", totally server problems not that the game is broken or bad designed. %%%% you Tencent, %%%% you deep, money grabb people, sure, make people %%%%ing angry, see where it gets you %%%%%.
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