Skins for those who can't get any *monthly giveaway planned*

*whelp* Over 1k views and over 100 Comments, thank you all! <3 Well, it seems like I have to change my post a bit then~ If you wanna join the recent giveaway, click [here]( Hello Community! My name is Doctor NoodIe. (also previously known as Mutantennudel or Syqenesa) I'm playing League since around the Quinn patch and I was in love with that game since the beginning. After all this time I still enjoy this game, and this IS really something for me, no other game managed to achieve that. Many people who play or played this game complain about its community. They say the community is toxic, flaming all the time, they judge you for every mistake you made. Well, this may be true for some people. But not for everyone. **I have faith in this community!** I myself try to be always friendly, I am helping where I can, ingame and out of game. Well, I want to carry this a bit further! When looking through the forums I recognized how many People are out there really wanting a skin for their favourite champ but aren't able to get it. I never had financial problems. My family is wealthy enough to buy everything for me if I just ask for it. But not everyone has this luck. Life taught me that the way I can live right now is the exception. Maybe it's because of my political orientation, but I never really accepted my situation. In my opinion I don't deserve this luck. Maybe that's why I spent more money for others than myself. Even in LoL^^ And here we are coming to the point why I made this post: I could buy every skin I want in this game. Others couldn't. And in my opinion, those people who have more than enough for themselves, should start giving it to others. Even if it's something small like a simple skin for a video game. I do not have infinite money, I'm not the richest player in the world, but I want to at least make a few people happy :) That's why I want to make a giveaway every month, gifting one of you a skin of your choice for the maximum amount of 975 RP and one mystery gift. The only thing you have to do is tell me your story why you want your gift. You don't have to tell me your life story. Maybe you want to tell why you adore your favorite champion so much or why you think that specific skin fits PERFECTLY to it. It's up to you! I'll choose two people every end of a month and add them. Thanks to the new gifting System I can then gift your skin the following day (First day of the month) My first round of this giveaway will end very soon so...let's go! Your favourite champ is waiting to get a fancy new look! Good luck! PS: This goes out to all the people with a kind heart who also want to help! If you have some RP left and you like a person who posted here, maybe you could also help a bit and make their day a little bit sweeter with a gift :) Let us spread some love in this community! <3 **Edit:** GPet joined me and added another skin to the price list every month. He himself will chose another winner for this monthly giveaway :) ___________________________________________________________________________ So, today is the day I decide who wins the first round of my Giveaway! Aaaaaand the winner is.... *epic drum-roll* **criserit** with his beloved Galactic Azir skin! Your view to the world fascinated me. And I fully support it! Let's spread it around the world so more people help to change it! > [{quoted}](name=chriserit,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=wZEmj44E,comment-id=0042,timestamp=2015-05-24T09:02:27.564+0000) > > #only if you are so mad to think to be able to change the world, you will really change it. And the mystery gift goes to.... **Lemil**! Well, this was something personal... Before I was old enough to get myself an own paypal account I didn't really have the possibility to buy what I wanted over the internet. I could buy RP with paysafe cards but my parents didn't like that... That sentence "Report XY no skin" was a sentence I heard too often among my friends >.> Well, tomorrow I'm gonna open a new thread for Round 2 of the Giveaway together with the screenshots of the proud winners~ (Maybe some people are curious what skins were in the mystery gifts~)
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