A dumm featured game mode idea! (Opposite day)

Its simple. Ad and Ap scales places. Also, physical abilities now do magic damage while magical abilities now do Physical damage. Same scalings. Of course this would throw balance out the window but imagine the posiblities! True damage stays the same tho (scalings change). Lets play a game. Lets all continiue the train and describe how would this mode affect every single champion in the game. I will start. {{champion:266}} With his e and ult being physical abilities now, he would get more bursty. You can still build him AP and blow people up with q tho. {{champion:103}} An adc with burst, 3 dashes and a charm. Sounds gr8. {{champion:84}} I dont think she would be diffirent. She would still oneshot people. {{champion:12}} AD alistar. He would work as a bruiser. {{champion:32}} Would be one heck of a bruiser. {{champion:34}} Yeah I dont see that working out. {{champion:1}} Well ADC annie was being played back in the day because of her autoattack range being 600. Now imagine that with close range burst. {{champion:22}} Well now her ult scales with AD and not her W. Meh. {{champion:136}} Join the Anivia club buddy. {{champion:268}} Well now he does damage without his sodiers as well. Just what we needed. {{champion:432}} Oh look, adc bard is now viable. {{champion:63}} DOT, DOT and more DOT. Would be a heck of an adc. I miss old draven passive... {{champion:201}} Top braum is now viable! {{champion:51}} If you are squishy, you are probably gonna die (Ace in the hole). {{champion:164}} Not 1k true damge but 2k now! {{champion:69}} Meh, the damage output would probably be the same.. {{champion:31}} So now hes an AD tank. Still tanky tho. {{champion:42}} An AP adc becomes an AD adc. Seems legit. {{champion:122}} If you get hit by his q, you probably gonna die. If he gets noxian might, your team will probably die. Seriously imagine ap scaling on his ult... {{champion:131}} Just like Cass, probably same damage output.. {{champion:36}} So his q is now physical damage. And w and ult scale with AD. Join the juggernauts! Would be cool if you could continiue by alphabet!
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