Pirate Captain Kled

Hey Guys and Gals. Well so i was in a call with my friends discussing skins for kled and i came up with this good idea of Pirate Captain Kled. My idea of the skin is probably Skaar as a parrot with an eye pad over a eye. (The parrot thing is also a chance for a chroma too) If the idea with only eyepatch is boring you can make a small pirate hat for Skaar too. Then Kled can have a eye missing or maybe a emote like Night Hunter Rengar when he have a eye patch or no eye patch. I think Kled should also have a pirate hat but maybe a larger one! I am not sure i can know a good design for the fur and such on kled but i got a very good idea for the weapon he got. I think he should have a weapon like the item {{item:3144}} i think it whould match the pirate theme and him as a individual. I mean his voice reminds me of a pirate screaming yarrr. Hope Riot reads this and actually thinks about it thanks for reading my post hope you think it was a good idea! Leave your thoughts below for more chance for it!
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