shitty Alistar puns

If Alistar would be in a movie, they would say the movie is AliSTARRING If Alistar would own a coffeehouse, he would call it AliSTARBUCKS If there would be a movie where a bunch of Alistars would fight with lazer guns and swords, it would be called AliSTAR WARS If you would see only stars around you suddenly you would say: "Wow All is star!" If Alistar would play the piano, he would be a MOOsician If you argued with Alistar, and you said something that is not a valid point for you anymore he would say: "Thats a MOOt point now" If Alistar puts candles around the room he is trying to set the MOOd If Alistar and Amumu walked together and they saw a creature simply called "moo moo", Alistar would say: "Look A moo moo!" If the music was too loud and Alistar wanted comlete silence, he would "MOOte the MOOsic" If Alistar would make you laugh and entertain you he would be aMOOsing If Alistar really loved you, he would sMOOch you
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