New Year RP Give Away... Post in thread to stand a chance to win

1500 RP giveaway for new years to 5 random winners. Looking forward to 2017? I am sure we all are... So lets have more to look forward to with this fun giveaway. The giveaway shall proceed on 1 January 2017 CAT To stand a chance to win just follow the following steps: 1- State your age, sex and rank 2- State your Main role and champion (1 for each!) 3- State what you have achieved in S6 ranked 4- State what you want to achieve in S7 ranked 5- Talk of anything random you feel Winners will be randomly chosen by listing each person's name on a randomizing website. The website will then pick each name at random so everyone has a chance of winning with no bias choices. I will post a video on youtube with everything being done online and I will post the link here so everyone can see :) Thank you all for a great year on the fields of justice and hope to see you all again for a fresh year. Sorry got a little caught up in news years parties :D Sadly I don't have much rp for 5 so I will have to reduce the winners to 3. The winners are: 1- Revinta 2- Morrigans 3- Sabaida Thank you all for participating. The above if you have not added me, I will add you. I will also use the the same names of everyone here who posted in future should I choose to gift again
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