"New Year New Me" Giveaway! [Entries Closed]

Final Update: Winners can be found [HERE](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/forum-games-contests-en/zhaxYuFk-new-year-new-me-giveaway-entries-closed?comment=0067)! Update: Entries are now closed! Fun Facts: Unique Entries: 104 EUW: 71 EUNE: 33 Hey all! I had some RP left from my snowdown binging, and thought what better way to use it than a new years boards giveaway! Have you had your eye on a new champion you want to main? Someone you *really* want to try out? Time for a new year, new ~~you~~ main! **Competition:** I'll be giving away 1 champion to 3 people at random, based on your responses below :-) Simply put this information below if you're interested! :-) > Current 'Main' or favourite champion? > Why is this champion your main/favourite? > What champion do you want to win/try out? > Why do you want to win/try out this champion? Competition Rules: - Entries end at 23:59 UTC on Jan 1st, 2017. - Open to both EUNE and EUW. - I'll pick three people tomorrow (Jan 2nd), and add them ingame. We'll need to wait 24 hours until the gifts can be given, 'cos gifting restrictions :-) - I'll be checking for toxicity and will not be rewarding people who have been toxic ingame recently. I want to encourage people neutral or positive ingame, or reformed! ^_^ Happy new year everyone! :-D
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